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SCSA Doesn’t Take Equity In Your ASC

Unlike many surgery center development companies, SCSA does not take an equity interest in your surgery center. We have experts that guide the surgery center development process from start-to-finish. We offer financial feasibility assessments to get you started.

Navigating the Complexities of ASC Development

The first step in considering the development of an ambulatory surgery center is understanding if it is economically feasible to develop one in the first place. This process begins with the collection of data. You will need to know the number and type of cases you expect to perform in your ASC. If you have a practice computer system you can request a report of all surgical procedures for the last twelve months by CPT Code and annual volume.

The next step is to identify which ASC facility payment group each of these procedures falls into. Once this is completed a simple calculation can be made to determine what the total value of the procedure to be performed in the proposed center will be. Get a Head Start with Our Free Feasibility Assessment

ASC Development: Five Phases

We provide comprehensive leadership in the establishment of new ASC facilities.

The ASC development program includes five phases:

1. Strategic and Economic Feasibility Assessment
2. Facility Design and Management
3. Project Management
4. Equipment Selection
5. Licensing and Medicare Certification

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Does your state require a Certificate of Need (C.O.N)?

Some states require a Certificate of Need (commonly referred to as CON, Certificate of Public Need (COPN) or Determination of Need (DON) but certainly not all, or even a majority to establish a new ASC. CON is state regulatory program intended to balance cost, quality, and access issues and ensure that only needed services and facilities are developed as needed. It may be possible to obtain an exemption in some states for single specialty ASC’s or for just one operating room or for wholly physician owned ASC’s. The process of CON or an exemption varies per state such as:

  • A petition may be filed in some states for exemption
  • Some states have a number of rooms exemption – such as one operating room facilities
  • Some states have a cost of the project threshold for exemption

The team at SCSA are experts in the CON process.

Medicare Certification

After the center meets the state licensure requirements, it must meet the CMS Conditions for Coverage. The state Operations Manual published by CMS can be found on the Federal Register, 42 CFR 416, and contains the parameters that must be met in order to apply for Medicare Certification. Once the state licensure Law has been determined, the next condition that must be met is to assure that the ASC is a distinct entity that operates exclusively to furnish outpatient surgical services. It can be either an independent freestanding facility, or under the common ownership, licensure or control of a hospital.


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